Upcoming Events

ARCF Monitoring Gaps Committee
These meetings gather people together who are engzged in sampling or measuring any aspect of the Animas River system, including water quality, water quantity, channel condition, riparian condition, aquatic life and terrestrial wildlife. The Exchange is part of the ARCFs efforts to identify information and gaps that may exist for understanding and communication about top community river health and public health concerns.

For more information, or if you are interested, please contact Ann Oliver: annsoliver@gmail.com
May 2nd
Animas River Community Forum
Come join us for a very informative bi-monthly meeting. Our main topics will be next steps for the Forum and updates from Sub-Committees. More information and agenda to come.
May 5th: 10am- noon
Now is the time to come full circle to examine lessons learned from reclamation projects across the region, how they are making a difference environmentally, and what rec-lamation will look like into the future. We also have the opportunity to consider how industry in the region has utilized innovative mining technologies and environmental mitigation plans to energize hardrock mining in the San Juans. In its seventh year, the conference will also highlight projects and mining in the Uncompahgre Watershed. We will field-tour Uncompahgre Watershed Partnership’s tailings stabilization project and Ouray Silver Mine’s mining operations and mitigation designs in the Canyon Creek sub-basin, as well as Idarado’s past and proposed remediation projects in the Red Mountain Creek sub-basin. Diverse stakeholders will have opportunities to examine and discuss successes of mining and reclamation to date, as well as contemplate their futures in this region.

The conference is currently soliciting abstracts for presentations, posters, & roundtable discussions. Please submit your abstract and supporting information via the Abstract Submission Form available on the MSI website by March 15th at 5pm. More information:  www.mountainstudies.org/sjmrc

Abstract categories: 1. Making a Difference 2. Mine Waste Mitigation 3. Future of Mining and Reclamation

“Coming Full Circle: Making a Difference and Forging Ahead”

May 25-26 in Ouray, CO
Animas River Days
Come join us for a fun filled day at Animas River Days. Partners will have a booth set up to discuss and answer any water related questions.
June 3rd
NMED Water Resource Research Institute Conference
NMED Water Resource Research Institute’s 2nd Annual Conference, Environmental Conditions of the Animas and San Juan Watersheds with emphasis on the Gold King Mine and Other Mine Waste Issues San Juan College, Henderson Fine Arts Center, Farmington, NM.   The call for presentations is currently open. More information:  https://animas.nmwrri.nmsu.edu/2017/   
June 20-21